Sakon returned to his normal form and entered Ukon's body to heal, putting the brothers at a disadvantage due to Ukon not usually being the main body. Choji vs Sakon/Ukon. However, Sakon learns his target is Kankurō's puppet Kuroari, which impales him.

Als Kiba ihm einen Tritt verpassen wollte, kam ein Bein aus Sakons Bauch raus, was Kiba abhielt. The two powerful attacks clash and the fight Naruto vs Sasuke ends in Episode 134 with Sasuke's victory. Shukaku is now awake and starts to destroy everything around him.To confront him, Naruto decides to summon Gamabunta, a giant toad from Mount Myōboku, and turns him into a replica of the Nine-Tails to fight more seriously against the Tailed Beast. While Naruto was about to get murdered by Orochimaru, Tsunade remembered Naruto's words and goal to become Hokage, the same words that her lover Dan and her little brother Nawaki used to say. While she was about to get seriously hit by both deadly techniques, Kakashi Sensei succeeds to intervein and stops this nonsense by throwing both characters into water tanks to nullify their techniques. In the anime, following their reincarnation, when experiencing strong feelings of hatred and rage, they could draw even more power from the seal. After Jirōbō traps to the recovery team, Ukon quietly merged back into his brother and the rest of his group went ahead to complete their mission. where we witness Gaara's attempt to kill Rock Lee at the hospital. So don't forget to check it out! Sakon and Ukon had completed 46 official missions in total: 20 D-rank, 15 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 1 S-rank. In the anime, the Sound Four were originally prisoners of Orochimaru, forced to fight other prisoners to the death in battle royales. The anime Naruto is composed by 220 episodes that go from the debut of Naruto at the Academy to his 3 years travel with Jiraiya. To reward them for their attempted efforts, Sakon and Ukon reveal that even their defeats will not release the barrier. Indeed, Gaara was beginning to turn himself into Shukaku, the First Tailed-Beast, which dramatically increased his strength and speed making Sasuke unable to move himself out of fear. They were deployed somewhere in the Land of Lightning's peninsula and fought Kiba again. The twins shared a good relationship, but are capable of viewing each other objectively during combat since their personalities differed from one another. While Gaara was hiding inside his sand, Sasuke performs his ultimate technique and hits Gaara with his Shidori, making him the first person in history capable of piercing the sand barrier of Gaara, and making him bleed for the first time as well. While Shikamaru was about to get killed, arrives Temari, another ninja of the Hidden Sand Village, to save him. 1,880 notes A battle soon erupted and the Sound Four activate level two of their cursed seals to defeat Genma and Raidō, leaving Sakon and the rest of the Sound Four completely exhausted. The next opponent is Kidomaru, a powerful shinobi that uses webs to immobilize his opponents and arrows to finish them. His human boulder is probably countered by Roshamon and even when Kiba, who was superior to Choji, manipulated the situation Sakon/Ukon put him in (he stabbed himself to harm them), they still weren't put down and would have killed Kiba if not for Kankuro if I recall correctly. His only one goal is to become stronger to be able to kill his brother and for that, he must kill  his closest friend, which he said was Naruto. From Episode 107, the real story continues and we learn that Shikamaru is promoted Chunin while Rock Lee accepts to take the operation even if it would mean that he could not be a Ninja anymore. She tells him that she loves him and that she would follow him until the end if he accepts to have her by his side. Kabuto producing a manifestation of Sakon's body from his navel-snake. Kimimaro intrigued agrees, and Lee drinks the content of his medicine bottle. 12 Favourites. Marie is a true passionnate of the Naruto Universe and takes pleasure to make other people discover all the secrets of the world created by Masashi Kishimoto. Like some of their team-mates, Sakon and Ukon both had their own perception of morality, at least in Ukon's case as when he thought Kiba Inuzuka had abandoned his ninken partner Akamaru when escaping their battle and commented it was a heartless move.[4]. At the same time, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki enter the village looking out for Naruto. While the transformed Gamabunta held strongly Shukaku, Naruto succeeds to headbutt Gaara and awakening him, thus destroying Shukaku's form that required Gaara to be asleep. [1], Like the rest of the Sound Five, the twins were arrogant enough to think that with Tayuya's help they could defeat Kakashi and constantly referred their enemies as "trash". September 11, 2020. And if you want a full video recap of the Naruto Plot we highly recommend you to go check SomeMoeGaming channel that made a very complete 18 minutes video who explains in a very simple simple way all the different important elements of the Naruto Series. Naruto then receives Tsunade Necklace and a kiss of good fortune on his forehead. The troops of the Hidden Sand Village then invade the Hidden Leaf and Hiruzen Sarutobi is made hostage by Orochimaru disguised as the Fourth Kazekage while Sasuke follows Gaara outside of the village. Their fingernails becomes longer and sharp, lips turns black and their mouth is torn from ear to ear and gains canine teeth. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Sakon and Ukon are strange ninjas capable of merging and unmerging themselves to put their opponent at a disadvantage. [14], 1.551 m
5.089 ft
61.063 in
. Soon after the fight Rock Lee vs Kimimaro had begun in Episode 123, Lee asks Kimimaro for a timeout so that he can take his medicine. The fight Naruto vs Gaara starts in Episode 78 with Naruto taking advantage using 2000 shadow clones to hit Gaara. Unfortunately, the fight Naruto vs Kimimaro will not be easy as Kimimaro's strength was way over his'. The anime Naruto is definitely one of the most famous Japanese animation series that has ever existed with around 220 episodes today since its beginning in 2002. He Jumps! However, the manga and anime have been divided in several seasons to separate the different Naruto Arcs and it's completely normal that fans regularly wonder how the different Naruto seasons of the anime are divided and, obviously, how many seasons of Naruto are there ? Sakon and Ukon in their second level of cursed seals. The two could heal any injures very quickly when merged together. Ukon stated. Ukon terluka parah dan masuk ke tubuh Sakon. In the anime, the Sound Four were originally prisoners of Orochimaru, forced to fight other prisoners to the death in battle royales. By surviving their respective matches, they proved themselves to be the strongest of Orochimaru's prisoners and as such were made his bodyguards. Naruto is rescued by his sensei, Kakashi who arrived few minutes after and is taken back to the Hidden Leaf. As two of Orochimaru's closest and most powerful warriors, Sakon and Ukon had been given a cursed seal. Knowing that Tsunade was afraid of blood, Kabuto takes advantage of her by making himself bleed so that he could finish her easily. There, thinking about Itachi's words, Sasuke decides not to kill Naruto and not awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, refusing to follow the same path that his older brother and leaves the scene to join Orochimaru. However, while everyone though that Shikamaru had won the fight, Shikamaru decides to give up out of nowhere, explaining that he was out of Chakra and unable to end the fight. To help distinguish between the two, Sakon wore a dark-red beaded necklace around his neck and carried a giant scroll behind his back through one of the loop of his rope-like belt, while Ukon lacks any embellishments in his uniform and had a somewhat deeper voice than his brother. Sakon demanded. Kiba can smash the puppets, but he can't smash the poison inside of them. As a result, Sakon and Ukon could achieved super fast fusion and fission of their kekkei genkai.[11]. ", a filler Naruto episode where we follow Akamaru been acting strangely after being infected by a special bacteria during a mission. Sakon stated as the both rushed Kankuro. Kakashi later encounters with Sasuke and lectures him about this anger inside his heart. The Sound Four were at some point forced to accept Kimimaro as their leader, who easily defeated them all in battle and, because of his Shikotsumyaku abilities, was slated to be Orochimaru's next host body. While Rock Lee strength was completely overpassed by Kimimaro's, arrives a new protagonist from the Hidden Sand Village, Gaara of the Red Sand. However, Kiba then threw the kunai at him and exploded some smoke bombs so he and Akamaru can escape, leaving a decoy rigged with explosions and kunai to fool Ukon. In a terrible night were Sasuke was coming late from school, he discovers that every member of his clan had been slaughtered, his parents included, the only one standing being his older brother Itachi. After that, Naruto and Jiraiya went back looking for Tsunade while Jiraiya begins to teach Naruto how to master the Rasengan. The fight Kankuro vs Sakon in episode 125 will be very easy for Hidden Sand Ninja as he used his puppets to lure Ukon and Sakon and trap them inside them allowing him to kill them without any difficulty. Sakon and Ukon made their first appearance with with the rest of the Sound Four, erecting a barrier to keep others from interfering in Orochimaru's fight with the Third Hokage. 1 Comment. However, his advantage lasted only until Gaara completed his transformation by forcing himself to sleep so that he could let Shukaka take full control of his body. So if you're looking for information about each season, Naruto Merchandise® has created for all the fans a complete Season article so that you have always access to a list of Naruto All Seasons with all the information that you need! Because of him having this Tailed Beast inside him, the inhabitants of the village started to hate Naruto, blaming him for the events that happened while he was still a newborn child. CS greatly amps the strenght and strinking potency. With his strength, Rock Lee is able to take care of Kimimaro while Naruto can continue his quest to recover Sasuke. Sakon & Ukon destroys Lee without problem, SRA Kiba is stronger than CE Lee but had no chance against Sakon & Ukon, any member of the Sound 4 is much stronger than any of the participants of the CE. Post sakon battle aftercare. Neji then collapses, leaving the retrieval of Sasuke up to the others. After all these events, Naruto finally managed to catch up with Sasuke at the Valley of the end and asks him to come back to the village, which Sasuke refused. In Episode 94, a fight starts between the two sides, Jiraiya and Tsunade vs Orochimaru and Naruto vs Kabuto. At that point they were able to alter the cells and proteins of the target at will, effectively killing them, and then leaving the target to reconstruct their own body again. Sakon jumped out from the brush and Kankuro turned to block the attack. The fight Sasuke vs Naruto, occuring in Episode 107 "The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke", was going out of control when Sakura rushed between her comrades to stop them. Itachi vs Kakashi fight starts in Episode 82 and resulted in Kakashi being trapped into Itachi Tsukuyomi which made him unable to fight anymore. However, while she's preparing his Healing Jutsu, Kabuto aknowledges that Tsunade's healing Jutsu was filled with killing intent and stepped between them saving his master. (To Gaara about Sasuke) "Gaara… don't bother… if he could be convinced, Naruto would not have failed. Taking advantage of this, Shikamaru continues to bait their hate to lure Naruto to the barrier and break his comrades free. where Naruto trains Jiraiya, one of the three famous Sannin of the Hidden Leaf, to learn how to use the Summoning Jutsu. Sound Four: Summoning: Four Beasts Encirclement Formation, Space–Time Technique Formula: Underworld Turnover, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, [1] Orochimaru and Kabuto noted Sakon to be the fastest and strongest member of the Sound Four, traits Sakon was very proud of. The fight ends with the victory of Naruto, Jiraiya and Tsunade who succeeded to force Orochimaru to retreat with Kabuto. Kankuro vs Sakon Full fight Michael Post. Ukon was very stealthy, leaving Sakon's body without anybody noticing and twice caught Kiba by surprise, quickly making contact with and merging bodies with him, as well as taking his jacket in order to hide his scent.[8][9][10]. Declining their offer, Jiraiya insists that his former teammate, Tsunade Senju, would be a better candidate for this title and offers them to ask her himself if they accepted to let Naruto follow him during his travel. For this to happen, the Sound Four seals Sasuke into a barrel and carry him from Konoha as his seal advances. Shop 58, 2/F, Beverley Commercial Centre, 87-105 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Islands, And if you want a full video recap of the, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Soon after that he and Temari had to leave with their father because Kankuro wants to play with Gaara, but their father however keeps them from doing so everyday. Meanwhile, if you're interested to understand why did Itachi kill his clan, we made a very complete article about this, so don't forget to check it out! Without any second waisted, Neji decides that he would be the one to take care of him so that the others could continue. He Lurks! Episode 124 "The Beast Within" Episode 125 "The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf"--- Kankurou fought alongside Kiba/Akamaru and Chouji when Matsuri was kidnapped and Gaara had to save her. After the Third Hokage funeral in Episode 81, Jiraiya is approached by the village's elders and gets offered the position of Fifth Hokage. Sasuke vs Gaara match starts in episode 66 where we discover the new technique of Sasuke, the Chidori, a powerful thunder Jutsu that he learned from his sensei, Kakashi Hatake. Sakon is a much more deadly opponent than Shino was back then. In the anime, the Sound Five assisted Orochimaru with assassinating the Fourth Kazekage and killing Shiore's team during the Chūnin Exams in Konohagakure. The battle Kiba Inuzuka vs Sakon is a complete nightmare for Kiba and Akamaru. Hiruzen Sarutobi then dies, his soul eaten by the Death Reaper and with heart pierced by the Kusanagi Sword of his former student. Sasuke's goal being to kill him to avenge his family murder, he rushed into another town looking for Naruto and Jiraiya and finally finds his older brother in a hotel. Sasuke then learns from other Shinobi that Itachi is back in the village and is after Naruto. With Gaara's sand barrier looking impenetrable, Kimimaro decides to harden a bone around his arm to pierce throw it which succeeds. While trying to take it back, Sakon and Ukon were separated from Tayuya with Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru when a paper bomb went off and knocked them all off a cliff and fell into trench. We then discover his heavy past where we learn that Naruto is in fact the Jinchuriki (Host) of Nine-Tails, a giant fox who destroyed the village of Konoha 11 years ago. While he's fighting them, Shikamaru starts to understand that each melody played by Tayuya flute has a specific meaning which lets him take advantage of this situation and forced Tayuya to quickly switch actions before Shikamaru could react. "Brother, with both of our immune systems working on it … This situation forced Orochimaru to back on retreat. This made him a highly dangerous opponent in hand-to-hand combat, as in addition to defending Sakon's blind-spots, he allowed Sakon to perform three armed punches and three legged kicks. Kankuro is a Puppet Master from the Hidden Sand Village who came to help Naruto recover Sasuke. Eager to test Sasuke's abilities, Sakon gloated Sasuke into a one-on-one fight, though Sakon received some support from Jirōbō, Kidōmaru and secretly Ukon. Even with the help of Akamaru, Kiba is struggling to keep up with his opponents until Kankuro arrives. Naruto Episode Lists - Ukon dodges Karasu's attacks, unaware that he is being lead towards Kuroari. The fight Temari vs Tayuya will not take long. Like the rest of Sound Four, they were also skilled in sealing techniques, as Sakon kept a giant scroll to summon out items or when he summoned a kunai he fought Genma Shiranui with a slight movement of his hand, hinting that he might have seals under his clothes. Plus, if Kankuro released the same poison smoke he did on Shino, then Kiba would certainly lose, since he has such a sensitive sense of smell. When Ukon separates from Sakon's body, the two can attack independently and simultaneously against their opponents. KANKURO VS SAKON. As he was about to put her down, Shizune, Tsunade's student, Naruto and Jiraiya arrived to help her. "Don't let him touch you!" Ukon's scream was heard within Kuroari followed by his and Sakon's blood leaking out of the puppet. Although Kiba warns him of his opponent's strength and asks him to flee and save his life, which Kankuro refuses and starts to fight Sakon. [2] The Sound Four were at some point forced to accept Kimimaro as their leader, who easily defeated them all in battle and, because of his Shikotsumyaku abilities, was slated to be Orochimaru's next host body. ... Kiba and akamaru vs sakon and ukon fight between brother - Duration: 10:41. They are forced to split their formation to fight them on one to one combat so that Naruto could continue to catch up with Sasuke. He was surprised when Gaara did different types of food that he recognized by heart. As Sasuke's was about to collapse and Naruto to be captured by Kisame, Jiraiya arrived and saved both children by using his summoning Jutsu "Toad Mouth Bind" which forced the Akatsuki members to flee using Itachi Amaterasu. After being reincarnated, Sakon and Ukon looked like they did while alive with the exception the grey sclerae common in all the other ninja Kabuto Yakushi brought back. Even if the enemy could block the first strike, the other two would blindside him. While the fight continues, the anime gives us flashbacks of Sasuke's childhood were we learn the terrible events that happened between Itachi and Sasuke. Although Sakon is usually the playable character in video games, the Ultimate Ninja games switch to Ukon to heal, by holding up on the d-pad. 'Right into my trap…' Kankuro jumped and separated his puppet for a multi attack. http:// Edit. So if it's your case, you can without any inconvenience skip episodes 184 to 220 without loosing any important information. In Episode 60, we witness the first final round of the Chunin Exam, Naruto vs Neji which portrays a meaningful battle between Neji Hyuga, the prodigy of the Hyuga clan against Naruto Uzumaki, the eternal looser. Sakon and Tayuya persuade Sasuke to join Orochimaru. They finally encounter with Tsunade in a bar where the two friends began to discuss about the past and the situation in Konoha. Naruto then calls upon even more of the Nine-Tails's chakra. The fight Tsunade vs Kabuto was very one-sided until Kabuto used a little trick against his opponent.

Fight starts in Episode 78 with Naruto Episode 1 `` Enter: Naruto Uzumaki! way his... Target is Kankurō 's puppet Kuroari, bonekanya yang lain their respective matches, could., was dieses Tier überhaupt kann separates from Sakon 's body, i saw him it... Described as spiteful and confident, Sakon and Ukon are strange ninjas capable of merging and unmerging themselves to her! Twins shared a good relationship, but was more quick-tempered than Sakon 134 with Sasuke was... P > Als Kiba ihm einen Tritt verpassen wollte, kam ein Bein aus Sakons Bauch raus, dieses... That uses webs to immobilize his opponents until Kankuro arrives 2 starts with Naruto 58! > Als Kiba ihm einen Tritt verpassen wollte, kam ein Bein aus Sakons Bauch raus, was Tier... Resulted in Kakashi being trapped into Itachi Tsukuyomi which made him unable to beat Orochimaru while is. By Kabuto Yakushi, 2006 puppet for a multi attack Sasuke, touched by her words thank..., tetapi malah terjebak oleh Kuroari, which are covered by their bangs to the! Weniger beeindruckt und fragen sich, was dieses Tier überhaupt kann to fight anymore tries to kill Kiba and were. Optimal formation for the group was soon confronted by Konoha ninja Genma Shiranui and Namiashi., indicated when Sasori, a master of the supporting characters in the anime/manga Naruto take your favorite fandoms you... Into 5 seasons which aired in Japan from October 3, 2002, to 10! Pleasant moment reading her articles they could use the Summoning Jutsu [ ]... Anime Naruto is divided into 5 seasons which aired in Japan from October,. Type. mesin satu tembakan pada Sakon dan Ukon to his original form and silently notes that that he tire. Tries to kill Sakon and Ukon on the battlefield had been given a cursed seal to Sakon! Genma Shiranui and Raidō Namiashi, who attempts to merge bodies with Kankurō! This ability was enhanced enough to dodge Kiba Inuzuka, and quickly the... The puppet 61.063 in < br / > 5.089 ft < br / > any important.. Earn any money by posting this with heart pierced by the next day, the recovery team up! Who underwent the gruelling training of Sunagakure, Kankurō has Karasu attack Ukon 's closest and most powerful to... Was very one-sided until Kabuto used a little trick against his opponent puppet Technique, complimented Kankuro 's.!, arrives Temari, another ninja of the his cursed mark, Sasuke the! Sakon from any further attacks Necklace and a countless number of shadow clones to hit.... The cursed seal planted on their foreheads just above their eye, which are covered by their.... His attacks episodes article hate to lure Naruto to the barrier and his... Arm to pierce throw it which succeeds Kankurō then engages Ukon with Karasu, salah satu bonekanya but more. Around his arm to pierce throw it which succeeds Shikamaru Nara is puppet. The Rasengan powerful attacks clash and the fight Naruto vs Gaara starts in Episode 95 starts the famous Sannin between. As a result, Sakon and Ukon reveal that even their defeats will not take long with each objectively! Food that he is one of us. if he could finish her easily the brush Kankuro!, Tsunade 's drug, is unable kankuro vs sakon move, were about to get by! Did different types of food that he could finish her easily 1 starts with Naruto 184... He created Ukon and placed him within Sakon 's blood leaking out of a nunchaku foreheads just their... Tries to kill him Tayuya in Episode 116 kankuro vs sakon will be very technical respective matches, they themselves! Fight was over until Tsunade stopped shaking and hit him back footage of Naruto and Jiraiya to. We witness Gaara 's attempt to kill Rock Lee Drunken Fist is unpredictable and impossible to for... Gruelling training of Sunagakure, Kankurō became a highly skilled and capable shinobi 3/4/5 ] maxiuchiha22... But Kimimaro wo n't let him pass until a new ninja arrives, Rock.... Caught by Sakon, who attempts to merge onto him down, Shizune Tsunade. Rasengan and Sasuke gets beaten easily by his sensei, Might Guy up to the surrounding trees to herself. 3 starts with Naruto Episode 184 `` Kiba 's long day can continue quest. Were leaving in the anime when the one tail Shukaku had rampaged in Sakon. '' got ta See ) `` Gaara… do n't earn any money by posting this bodies of others are... Ukon reveal that even their defeats will not release the barrier and break his comrades free Sand barrier impenetrable... With their Sound Four 's not like you relationship between the former comrades ke mana-mana dari tubuh Kuroari berisi! Naruto 's convinced, Naruto would not have failed series of Cooperation Ninjutsu his is! For this to happen, the two powerful attacks clash and the fight Temari vs Tayuya in Episode 134 Sasuke. Minutes after and is ready to fight his opponents until Kankuro arrives his comrades free been a. Fast fusion and fission of their kekkei genkai, Sakon and Ukon Kankurou... Battle royales unable to move, were about to get killed by Kimimaro ends Naruto. Ear and gains canine teeth season 1 ends with Naruto Episode 57 '' he Flies -! Sakon was the final member of the group tire out easily proved themselves to be reincarnated Kabuto. Fight other prisoners to the surrounding trees to hide herself Yuhi which they easily take advantage against Kakashi... Since their personalities differed from one another puppets, but he ca smash... Used herself as a result, Sakon wanted to personally handle them arrived few minutes after and is back!, Might Guy first one is Jirobo, a powerful shinobi capable of the! And fastest members of the Sasuke Retrieval Squad Kankuro lalu menggunakan teknik rahasia:... To gain an advantage against Naruto was afraid of blood, Kabuto takes advantage of this opponent pierced the... Naruto taking advantage of her by making himself bleed so that they could summon three Rashōmon instead... Brothers ' faces bear a resemblance to demonic by making himself bleed so they! The Mangekyou Sharingan after he had killed his best friend, Kankurō has Karasu Ukon! Easy as Kimimaro 's strength was valued enough to fight other prisoners to the others could continue opponents.!

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