Also known as a financial audit, an accounting audit is a term describing a thorough review and examination of a company's accounting and financial records. Management’s responsibilities in an audit. But an increased focus on auditor independence has come about during the last decade in new requirements by the American Institute of CPAs and a host of related regulatory guidance issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the General Accounting Office and the U.S. Department of Labor. Auditors who would prefer to work independently can do so by setting up a private practice. They ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. © 2020 Copyright GRF CPAs & Advisors. The goal of a financial statement audit is for you (the auditor) to form an opinion regarding whether those statements are or aren’t free from error. Your client’s management assertions must be presented on the financial statements using generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP. That is to say that auditors do not need to take specific courses or register with a governing body. Many auditors, particularly those who work for respected auditing firms, … GRF CPAs & Advisors is Ranked #6 Among Midsized Firms by Accounting Today, Enterprise Risk Management in Nonprofit Organizations, GRF CPAs & Advisors Named Top Regional Leader and Firm to Watch by Accounting Today, GRF CPAs & Advisors Makes List of Best Firms for Young Accountants, Managing Change: Streamlining Your Finances and Operations for Sustainability, Home / Resources / Publication / What an Auditor Does and Doesn’t Do. And, non-IRS audits can catch errors before you file your business tax return, helping prevent IRS audits. To do so, you use your best professional judgment when assessing your client’s information and assertions. Their clients include corporations, governments, and individuals. 212-618-1868. Bethesda, MD 20814 Perhaps the auditor may have had serious objections to the accounting methods, but the client persuaded the CPA to go along with the methods. • Because accountants work for a specific company, they generally have their own office or workspace. Duties Accountants and auditors typically do the following: This list is not all-inclusive. Auditors, on the other hand, often move around from company to company. For example, if the client records a sale of $5,000, you make sure a delivery of a good or service to a real-live customer actually happened. Accounting firms conduct audits by examining not only financial records, but also the processes and controls in place to ensure records are being properly kept, policies are being adhered to, and your financial practices help support your business goals and are the most efficient way to do so. What exactly does an accountant do? Basically, the auditor is recognized as an unbiased third party who reviews and evaluates the financial statements prepared by management. They work with financial documents that clients are required by law to disclose. This opinion is given in accordance with auditing standards that require the auditors to plan certain procedures and report on the results of the audit, while considering the representations, assertions and responsibility of management for the financial statements. Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records, identify potential areas of opportunity and risk, and provide solutions for businesses and individuals. Public auditors do a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting tasks. Small companies, in particular, often lacked the level of accounting sophistication necessary to carry out these tasks. Auditors are not a part of management, which means the auditor will not: ✎ Authorize, execute or consummate transactions on behalf of a client, ✎ Prepare or make changes to source documents, ✎ Assume custody of client assets, including maintenance of bank accounts, ✎ Establish or maintain internal controls, including the performance of ongoing monitoring activities for a client, ✎ Supervise client employees performing normal recurring activities, ✎ Report to the board of directors on behalf of management, ✎ Serve as a client’s stock or escrow agent or general counsel, ✎ Sign payroll tax returns on behalf of a client, ✎ Design a client’s financial management system or make modifications to source code underlying that system. Completeness: Whatever event took place is recorded in its entirety. At the completion of the audit, the auditor may also offer objective advice for improving financial reporting and internal controls to maximize a company’s performance and efficiency. The auditor concludes the engagement by using those same words regarding management’s responsibility in the first paragraph of the auditor’s report. The audit provides users such as lenders and investors with an enhanced degree of confidence in the financial statements. Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records. The Audit Rotational Training program was perfect in the sense that it exposes me to different areas of this company and provides a comprehensive training as well. Financial auditing is the process of examining an organization’s (or individual’s) financial records to determine if they are accurate and in accordance with any applicable rules (including accepted accounting standards), regulations, and laws. Auditors review financial statements often provided by a companies accounting team. 1 In layman’s terms, they work with financial documents to ensure lawful, efficient and compliant business practices. In practical terms, there are a number of tasks you should not expect your auditor to perform. External auditors must first qualify as chartered accountants with a professional accounting body. It is to ensure that transactions are represented fairly and accurately. In the past, companies often relied on accountants from their audit firms to assist in reconciling accounts, preparing the adjusting journal entries and writing financial statements.

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