Not all cats like this, but for those who do it’s a nice way to calm down from a play session. Provide a Safe, Cozy Environment with Vertical Space, Try Anti-Anxiety Treats, Supplements, or Medications, Determine the Root of the Problem—and Find a Solution, Image : Massimo Cattaneo/, Image : Zoran Photographer/, 10 Weird Cat Behaviors That Could Be Signs of a Sick Cat, 7 Ways Cat Lovers Can Celebrate International Cat Day. We’re not kitten around about this! Keep the windows rolled up to keep out some of the traffic noises. It might be enough to keep your cat calm while you do a quick grooming. Some of which are preventative measures to help them burn that energy off elsewhere, and some calm them mid-hyper-blowout. It … Your veterinarian will look at factors like an individual cat’s history, specific triggers to problems, and a cat’s early life. Problem #3: My cat meows all night, which keeps me awake. But as most cat owners can tell you, cats are also creatures of habit and comfort. “If it is a short-term stressor—such as your friend coming over for the afternoon and bringing her dog, or a day-long home project—don’t even bother with trying to get the cat used to it,” Parry says, as adjustment will take much longer. A desire to explore or roam far from home. Cats are something of an enigma—intelligent, sometimes inscrutable animals whose sensitivity and perceptiveness make them fascinating and lovable pets. Play, Play, Play. Calming down a cat is a delicate process, so we’ve provided some tips for getting kitty back to his happy, mischievous self. By structuring in playtime with your cat, you can reduce unwanted or over-the-top behavior. “Activities like play wrestling are a necessary practice and skill for their adult life.”. Going too fast with anything novel is a common cat-parenting mistake, Parry says. Although success is not guaranteed, some people find that giving the cat a heat pack or a warm, wet towel to sit on keeps her still and calm. Bach Flowers, could be tested in these cases according to the guidelines set by the specialized veterinarian or floral therapist, always after a complete check up. “For most cats, covering up the carrier and blocking any extra stimuli is helpful,” Parry says—a towel or blanket will work fine. In such situations, she suggests putting the cat in a safe room with her essentials for the time period in question. Cats are such interesting creatures. She recommends “interactive play with a lure toy” in these spaces. Dodman likens off-the-wall behavior from cats to “cabin fever.” They’re cooped up inside, and though your cat may seek outside stimulation, dangers like traffic and wild animals typically make this an impractical solution. At a shelter, we’d recommend using a ‘cat den’ for her to settle down, which gives her somewhere to hide inside the cage. It’s not approved for use in animals by the FDA but it’s generally considered safe enough to use in small doses on cats. 1. But when dealing with a carrier—a common source of anxiety—training and acclimating your cat is the only surefire way to ease her fear. “People need to be able to take in all the information the cat is giving them with their expressions and body language—the tension in the body, the size of the pupils, the movement and direction of the ears, vocalizations, and so on.”. How to Calm a Cat: Throughout the year there are moments and days in which the cat can have a bad time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but Lane says increased exercise and mental stimulation tend to help. “You’re having fun, interacting with your cat, and directing their energy,” says Dodman of structured playtime. Determining what’s got your cat all worked up is the first step in calming down a cat. Some cats exhibit strange behavior due to past events in their lives. While these things may be inevitable, being available to soothe, pet, and reassure your cat might be just what is needed to calm her down. These products have L-theanine in them, Johnson says, an ingredient found in green tea that naturally relieves anxiety. “They tend to run around and crash,” Dodman says. First identify the behaviour you are seeing and go from there. Owners who allow the behavior will see the kitten calm down soon enough. There are some ways you can calm down a hyper kitten. “There has not been much research on music or sounds with regards to calming a cat, but one can try soft classical music or pleasant ‘white noise’ and observe for how the cat responds,” Parry says. Seek qualified, professional help for ongoing aggression problems or if you're at all concerned about your cat's behavior. Structure in Playtime. Although it’s possible to have a multi-cat household, there’s more work to be done to ensure harmony within the group. Not all unwanted behavior from cats is behavioral. Without the ability to catch the prey, laser pointer play can lead to obsessive behavioral disorders, such as shadow chasing. “Some cats are more bush-dwellers, so they like to stay hidden and under things,” she says, noting that “[other] cats gain a lot of comfort and solace in being up high.” She recommends providing both types of spaces—a cat tree or elevated bed for a cat to get vertical and survey the area, and tucked-away spaces in which to hide. Especially if your cat’s fear or stress is being caused by loud noises (construction, a baby crying, traffic), providing alternative sound is a great solution. While we may not love having a litter box in the bedroom, sometimes sacrifices must be made for our feline roommates. These products all work to … Calming down a cat is a delicate process, so we’ve provided some tips for getting kitty back to his happy, mischievous self. Talk to them in a normal, upbeat tone to help reassure them that everything is fine. Thanks! Persistent meowing to attract female cats; 3. Restless or erratic behaviour; 4. “As prey animals, cats are masters of disguise,” she says. Benadryl is a human anti-histamine medicine that tends to leave cats drowsy and therefore more compliant on long car trips. Instead, leave it alone till it has calmed down. For other instigators, you may have to be a bit more creative.As noted above, play aggression is a very common form of feline aggressive behavior. Hold frequent play sessions that imitate hunting activities to disperse some hyper … “When we put cats into conventional homes, we’re really limiting their ability to explore their habitat,” Dodman says. Additionally, Parry underlines the importance of providing daily, not just occasional, opportunities for play in order to reap its calming benefits. Find out how to calm down an annoyed cat. This can help calm down and quiet the cat. “Give cats things that they need in the places where they feel most comfortable,” Johnson says. Sounds easy enough, but cat-centric means doing what’s best for your cat, not for you or your home, which can be a tough adjustment. Let catnip do the trick. Instinctive behavior they might exhibit outside, such as prey chasing, translates into activity that is within a confined household. She notes that cats afraid of large rooms or unfamiliar environments can better acclimate to these areas through play. “Knowing what triggers the fear allows you to build a plan to help the cat feel safe.” She advises observing interactions between pets in your home to address any problems, and to be alert to potentially stress-causing environmental factors. Slow and steady are keywords when calming a stressed cat, especially if she’s being exposed to something new. All you need to hack your cat is a binder clip . While all of the aforementioned strategies are helpful for dealing with cat fear, anxiety, and stress, it’s essential to look deeper, especially if your cat is experiencing severe stress. Use Medicine to Calm a Cat Benadryl is a common way for owners to sedate their cat for travel. Always be calm. What do you do when your cat is suddenly scared, aggressive, or hyper? Cats with this condition have an overactive thyroid gland, which is the control mechanism for their energy levels. Herbal supplements are also an option, but Parry recommends seeing a veterinarian before taking that step. Here’s how you can create a calming situation for her to relax: Give the cat as much time as possible to calm down. Although they have a reputation for being calm and collected at all times, there is a reason we have the expression “scaredy cat”. Treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats includes the medication Methimazole, surgical removal of the thyroid gland, and radioactive iodine therapy. If you've tried everything short of sedatives to calm down your feline friend to no avail, you might be surprised to learn that the answer may have been sitting in your desk drawer all along. “People tend to think of what humans may like when they are stressed, instead of thinking like a cat,” Parry says, explaining that while a human might seek comfort from a hug, many cats do not like to be handled when they’re upset. Feline experts agree that typically, when cats exhibit sudden energy bursts, it’s often just what cats do. Urine marking or inappropriate urination or defecation outside the litterbox are clear signs of stress. It’s not really that complex. This type of behavior can be alarming or frustrating for cat owners, but, according to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist in Westborough, Massachusetts, “it is their natural behavior.”. “Cats with hyperthyroidism don’t sleep very much and will have a voracious appetite,” says Dr. Erin Wilson, a veterinarian and medical director at the New York ASPCA. Step 8 Cover the carrier or cage with a cloth, but leave plenty of air holes on the sides. Then, to really get him sleepy, I end the evening with Lil’ Pete’s main meal. Scratching posts are a good option, ideally placed in the cat’s favorite rooms. Specific feed and rewards, as there are products on the market that contain soothing substances that … “If any of their essential needs and resources are out of whack, you could have a chronically stressed cat,” Parry says. Bach Rescue Remedy is said to calm a cat down through natural ingredients. As is true with dogs, cats also require a low stress time to be set up in an unfamiliar environment where they will feel safe and secure as they adjust. Because the predecessors to the domestic house cat were solitary hunters, having a household with multiple cats or other pets can stress cats out. And if they don’t have viable ways of letting that energy out during the day, you may find them careering around the house, jumping on top of furniture, and getting into areas they shouldn’t. Cats can be fearful of large, open spaces, Johnson says, so make sure kitty has a cozy spot where he can retreat in times of stress. Don't try to pet the cat if it is agitated. “Play decreases stress in cats and can increase their confidence in places previously associated with fear,” Johnson says. Here are the nine signs that should alert you if your cat is stressed: Your cat or kitten isolates themselves, hiding and avoiding your presence. Here are a few veterinarian-approved ways to calm down your cat before a long flight or road trip. Play and fun activities will also allow your cat to redirect its annoyance and frustration. “This is probably the most common mistake we see,” she says, “that guardians rush up and try to pet or pick up a highly aroused or stressed cat.” The main problem with petting or snuggling is that it doesn’t allow the cat to decompress, according to Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavioral consultant with the Georgia-based Fundamentally Feline. “It brings them comfort to be able to send messages around,” she says. One of the easiest ways to calm down an energetic kitten is to give it some … Dodman describes these sudden bursts of energy as the zoomies. So pay attention to your kitty’s personal preferences to best support him in his hour of need. Give your cat something warm to sit on. After identifying the reason for your cat's aggression, you can better manage their behavior. “If you have an anxious cat and the usual methods are not helping, then it is wise to consult a professional about this,” she says, noting that veterinarians will sometimes recommend supplements or even cat anxiety medication. Some stressors for cats include thunderstorms, strangers in the house, and moving into a new neighborhood among other things. A microwavable heat pack may be the easiest option, since you can quickly reheat it … Even when transporting your cat in a carrier, it’s best to employ the “cozy” rule to keep her calm. This may come as a bit of a surprise, since most of us tend to think of catnip as a stimulant, … “In some cases, short- or long-term anxiety medications can be very helpful,” she says. However, there are ways to provide safe outdoor activities for your cat. They stop eating their food or no longer ask you to feed them. Try Calming Solutions Another way to calm down a crazy cat is to try out some of the calming products that are available on the market. Besides addressing any behavioral issues and unhealthy household conflicts, it’s important to remember energy bursts are simply a part of who they are. They can become stressed or scared by a range of things, from a trip to the vet to a new person in the house. Lane recommends using a harness for cats to explore with you or providing an outdoor enclosure such as a catio, which allows your feline to enjoy being outside without being subject to predators. In addition to your cat’s own personal musk, there are other natural scents, particularly essential oils, that can create an aura of kitty-calm—and they work on humans as well. This induces calm and helps quiet down the cat. Remember, it's important to figure out the underlying cause of the aggression. If your cat seeks out your lap while you’re sitting nearby, it’s safe to assume he wants to be there. With older cats, the most common physical reason for overactive activity is hyperthyroidism. While play is not a good option for cats in a highly aroused state, it can be a valuable tool for dealing with chronic, or long-term, stress in cats. People often overlook litter box etiquette. Using cat-friendly toys, such as interactive LED lasers or a tennis ball modified to contain treats, can work. Cats do have a need for mental stimulation and exercise. When introducing the cat to a new pet, person, space, or other stressor that’s more long-term, Johnson advises to “take it slowly and introduce them one sense at a time,” since cats rely on their noses first and foremost. “At the vet practice, when we have an aggressive cat in the exam room, we’ll put a couple of drops of lavender oil on a paper towel, so it’s just airing in the exam room,” she says. How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Cat. “People think they can get the cat used to the scary thing by exposure,” she explains, “but desensitization by definition has to be done very gradually, and over days, weeks, or months to be effective.”. Start with the Carrier. Male domestic cats, or tomcats, are known to exhibit a number of potentially troublesome behaviours if they are not neutered, and this can be difficult for pet owners to manage. “Cats may respond positively to the presence of someone they know and trust,” Parry says. Cats will tend to sleep when it’s pitch-dark. “Always give cats a way out of a situation—an escape route—vertical or otherwise,” Parry advises. “It’s not enough to treat the symptom, as it were,” Parry says. “So that means that if your cat pretty much lives in your master bedroom, and they love to be in there but they’re too scared to come out, don’t put their cat litter box in the basement and their cat food in the kitchen.” Placing cat essentials in far apart or potentially scary rooms can cause chronic stress, so observe your cat’s preferences closely. Johnson recommends scents such as honeysuckle and lavender, which can have a calming effect on cats. “Cats do a lot of things to comfort themselves, like leaving their scent around with their facial rubbing, and their scent marking on their paws,” Johnson explains. “It can take cats hours to come down from a heightened, aroused state,” she says, so it’s important to give them space. Once it does, pet it and give it some TLC. (Keep it secured with the seatbelt) Sometimes it helps calm them down if your cat can see what’s outside. “Just talking to them or even singing to them can be helpful.” And remember: all cats are different. Play with him. Just like dogs, cats need an energy outlet. The first question cat owners might ask is whether the cat actually needs to be calmed down. Because we drop something on the ground making a lot of noise, the hairy can feel very scared and need help to calm down. We rub faces, and I give him a soothing belly rub. You can provide comfort to your cat by... Scoop the litter box daily and clean out completely weekly. If you’re a cat owner, you likely know that the picture-perfect idea of a cat purring and laying calmly at arm’s length while you pet her is inaccurate—at least some of the time. “At the least, it may reduce the impact of the ‘scary’ noises by creating a buffer.” Johnson adds that pairing this music or sound with a cozy room or “kitty haven” will increase the sense of calm. But make sure you’re never cornering the cat. A good play session can reduce tension and get the "happy cat" hormones flowing. “We wouldn’t want a dog guardian to skip this step, and acclimating a cat to the carrier should be an early focus for the cat guardian.” For help in this area, train your cat to view the cat carrier in a positive light and consult with a cat behaviorist if that doesn’t work. One anxiety-easing practice that cat owners sometimes neglect is “taking care of their basic needs in a cat-centric manner,” Parry says. All responsible cat pawrents should know how to calm down a cat during stressful periods, like bringing them home for the first time. Sometimes a noisy cat is simply uncomfortable from the car's vibration. Just a little in the air is all you need—use a small amount at a time and store essential oils safely out of reach, as they can be dangerous to cats if they come in direct contact with them. “It generally occurs in senior kitties,” she adds. Here are a few cat routine examples: Feed your cats at the same time every day. Your cat’s hyperactivity could be a reaction to a stressful condition. Cages or … From a biological standpoint, owners should expect kittens, especially those under the age of 6 months, to have a ton of energy. And if they don’t have viable ways … “The cat’s ancestors lived in much larger territories.”. These are techniques that I have used successfully to calm a stray cat that lived on the streets for 3 years. Scheduled playtimes might be only five to 10 minutes long for some cats. General aloofness or a lack of affection for owners; 5. But at dusk, they’re most active. Subsequently, you’ll have a cat with bursts of energy. Remove the threat and allow the cat to calm down and that will be a more productive, safer course of action. She is now this biggest cuddler and purrer that I have. If your kitty suddenly exhibits a high level of activity, here are a few methods you can use to help calm her down. If the way to your particular cat’s heart is through his or her stomach, you may want to try cat treats that are specifically designed to have calming effects. Territorial urine spraying; 2. There are some cases where adding a cat will remedy discord within a household. “If cats are merely running and jumping around for five minutes, it’s not necessary to stop the cat,” Wilson says. In almost every situation where your cat has to travel, there’s some sort of cat … But Dodman stresses the importance of recognizing cats need to release their energy somewhere. Another majo… According to Dodman, if an excess of play behavior is directed toward you, owners should consider adding a cat so they are interacting with each other. Regular visits to the veterinarian are crucial, and you may even want to check in with a certified cat behavior consultant. Cats are highly likely to sleep after a big meal. Play some relaxing soft music to see if that will help them relax and calm down. Much like scent, cats are very sensitive to noise. If possible, take your cat to a quiet place, such as a bedroom in your home where they can hide until the excitement is over. Cats are known for getting the kitten crazies, or bursts of energy that range from running and jumping around the house at high speeds to animated play-fighting with other household pets. Catnip. We’re applying natural cat behavior to the situation. Wild cat’s food is not guaranteed. The kitty may just need to take a quick breather to calm down. How can I instantly calm my cat? Just like dogs, cats need an energy outlet. Angry cats are aggressive cats, so leave your cat alone until its anger subsides. Treats: There seems to be a treat formulated for just about everything, from allergies to UTI issues, … “I liken it to training a dog to walk on leash,” Parry says. Take your cat to a quiet place. Step 7 Put a soft pillow under the carrier or cage in the car. Start the Morning With a Smaller Breakfast How you act the morning of … Certified animal behaviorist Jennie Lane of Alexandria, Virginia, recommends food-dispensing toys for some cats because it approximates their instinct to hunt for food. Take her to quiet place where she can be alone–if you’re in your home, a bathroom works well. You might try some herbal or homeopathic remedies such as Rescue Remedy Pet to help calm an anxious cat. While you should avoid smothering your kitty with love, just being there physically is a good idea, especially if you have an affectionate cat. The behavior is hardwired into cats for a few reasons. 9. ... Let your new pet get used to its room before you can expect it to calm down and settle. These behaviours include, but are not limited to: 1. But once you notice your cat is stressed or afraid, where do you go from there? But when the activity becomes dangerous, such as your kitty jumping off the top of a fridge, Wilson advises cat owners try redirecting the behavior with a toy to chase or even an empty cardboard box to keep the cat busy.

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