You can change it as well. If you have created multiple projects, you can add them to your hosts file like this: You can add any number of projects in your hosts file. After completing Step 4, type cd ~ on you git bash and hit enter. Make sure you replace USER_NAME in the command below to your username. just imagine a common folder where if we change anything from our Windows 10 PC, the change will be visible from vagrant (and vice versa). This is the tricky part; don’t miss it. You can use any folder name here like /home/vagrant/ANY_FOLDER_NAME instead of /home/vagrant/Code. Type ls and press enter. You can change it to anywhere on your PC. We have already created ssh keys and now we are going to add the location of those two files in our configuration file. After finishing this command, a new .ssh folder (if already not exist) will be created with the two files named, id_rsa and, inside it. Go to C:\Users\USER_NAME\Homestead and open Homestead.yaml with any text editor. Laravel Homestead is a great tool to setup your PHP development environment, but it can be a little confusing to configure and slow in Windows. 79% of Laravel packages are licensed under MIT. In this URL we are using lowercase for our disk name and forward slash instead of backslash. In the future, if you develop more sites, then this configuration will look like this: One more thing — the prefix of /Laravel/public, which is /home/vagrant/Code has to be the exact match of to: /home/vagrant/Code from the last section. Then install vagrant. I've spent days trying every trick I could find for improving the speed of homestead on my windows machine. Don’t forget to replace USER_NAME with your username. Download VirtualBox: VirtualBox download link This shows that both the folders are actually the same folder. When prompted for Password of the database’s … Untill now just use only one project. Now move the downloaded file to C:\Users\USER_NAME where USER_NAME is your username. Well, everything is set now. Now run the following command: This command will create Homestead.yaml configuration file which will be placed in C:\Users\USER_NAME\Homestead directory. In these lines, we are supposed to set up our ssh keys. My average is about 7-10 … Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant “box” that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP, HHVM, a web server, and any other server software on your local machine. I will be using USER_NAME in this tutorial for the username, make sure you replace it with yours. There, open the Homestead.yaml file with any text editor. You can learn more about available options in Homestead official documentation. Here is the final version of my file. When we have multiple applications, we keep on adding them to the configuration like this: It is important to note that if you have changed folder name in the previous step like /home/vagrant/YOUR_FOLDER_NAME, then you will use the same name as the prefix of laravel/public. Now run the following command: It will clone the Homestead repository into a Homestead folder within your home (C:\Users\USER_NAME) directory. It will take some time to download the box depending upon your internet connection. It is possible that window is not showing file extensions. If the folder .ssh does not exist or the folder is present but the two files are not present. We do not have any laravel project till now but we will be creating them later. This line will simply create a database name homestead in our vagrant. Well just see the lines after I change them. I thought this number would be larger. How to setup Homestead virtual environment in WIndows 10 to build and debug a website with Laravel framework. Write the location of both the files the same way, I have written above. When I say slow, it can take the browser anywhere from just a few seconds to anywhere up to 20-30 seconds just to start loading the asset files like CSS and JS. after … After editing these two lines, it will look like this: Don’t forget to use the lowercase of your drive name ("c" instead of "C") and forward-slash("/") instead of backslash("\"). Now, navigate to your vagrant homestead box directory on windows: In this folder, create a file named metadata_url without any extension and open the file in notepad or any editor of your choice. In my case, e:/Homestead_Projects is my project folder. Now rename the folder 0 present in the same directory to 5.0.1. Until now, we only have the /home/vagrant/Code folder. but don’t hit it yet. Run Homestead by using the homestead up  command. Installing the software; Adjusting VirtualBox and Vagrant; Getting the Homestead image Till now we only have code folder or if you have changed the name in the previous step you will see that name. Hampton, thanks for the video. We could have multiple Laravel projects, so I will change /home/vagrant/code/public to /home/vagrant/code/laravel/public. But, to do so, we have to always run this command from C:\User\USER_NAME\Homestead directory. All of these requirements are satisfied by the Laravel Homestead virtual machine, so it's highly recommended that you use Homestead as your local Laravel development environment. In these lines, we are mapping a folder that will be used by both our PC and vagrant. Homestead runs on Windows, Mac or Linux environments. Now you can see that the /home/vagrant/Code folder and your project folder are actually the same folder. Download Vagrant: Vagrant download link. You don’t need to type anything, just press enter to whatever the command prompt asks you. Now run the following command in your git bash to create your first Laravel project: It will create a new Laravel project in a folder named laravel. Not clear yet? Type ls and press enter again, and you will see that there is nothing in this folder yet. You can edit this IP address but it is not required. You will see Laravel 5 welcome page now. Downloading Files. Here is the final version of databases section: We have made necessary changes to our Homestead.yaml file. Contact me and hire me for laravel projects. There is no need to edit any of the lines in this section. You may need to restart your PC after the installation complete. And then install Vagrant. Or you can use one of the following: “.localhost”, “.invalid”, “.test”, or “.example”. You can download it from your browser or some downloading software like internet download manager. Now, you will see there is a folder named Laravel. Till now we don’t have any Laravel folder either in our c:/Users/USER_NAME/code or our /home/vagrant/code folder. That’s all for installing Homestead on windows. I used VirtualBox … In these lines, we are going to set up our ssh keys for Homestead. Then, run the following command: This will log in you into Vagrant. Your questions from seeing /home/vagrant/Code/Laravel/public in Step 7 will be clear now. You may also check your BIOS for options labeled Intel VT-x or Intel Virtualization Technology and enable it. Be able to correctly install the latest versions of VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Homestead – the official Laravel VM configuration designed to get you coding quickly. Open code folder available in your windows on your favorite text-editor or IDE and start creating applications. SSH into Homestead vagrant box with vagrant ssh and type the following command: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin When prompted to select the Web server, select apache2 and press Enter, just to get pass it.. After windows features box is open disable Hyper-V if it is enabled. We can use multiple databases by adding their names next to databases:. All Rights Reserved. But fear not, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to setup Laravel homestead for your PHP projects. If you change anything in /home/vagrant/Code folder, it will be reflected in the e:/Homestead_Projects folder also and vice versa. After editing these lines, it will look like this: When pointing to the paths of the file, use lowercase of your drive name and forward slash instead of the backslash. Run the following command: This command will take some time and create a laravel project in the Laravel folder. ... For this reason, I’m going to tell you how I have installed, setup and finally got working a Laravel Homestead environment, mentioning the different issues I’ve got into and illustrating the solution I … Remember we have created our ssh keys in step 6. If you have a modern computer, chances are it will be enabled by default. I am writing this so that anybody could get benefit from this post. So, working in Homestead becomes easier and more efficient. So, you should use “homestead.test” or something else instead of “”. If you have used /home/vagrant/ANY_FOLDER_NAME to map your PC’s project folder, then here, you have to use /home/vagrant/ANY_FOLDER_NAME as the prefix of /Laravel/public, which will look like /home/vagrant/ANY_FOLDER_NAME/Laravel/public. Installing the Required. As the official documentation says, you need to enable hardware virtualization (VT-x). For Intel processors download and install the Intel processor identification utility. In a natural way, we should write C:\Users\USER_NAME\ .ssh, right? And If you are using Hyper-V on a UEFI system, you additionally need to disable Hyper-V in order to access VT-x. The first line contains the IP address where homestead will listen to requests. Download link: my PC’s e:/Homestead_Projects folder and vagrant’s /home/vagrant/Code folder are pointing to the same folder. Clone The Laravel Homestead Repository. So, it will look like /home/vagrant/YOUR_FOLDER_NAME/laravel/public. We will create it later. Let’s see how we can create another project. If the folder .ssh doesn’t exist or the folder exists but the two files named id_rsa and doesn’t exist then run the following command: Then, the command prompt will ask you two things. Let's start. Select the view tab from the folder your downloaded file is present and check File name extensions. Ubuntu Turn on Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Windows Feature Restart Windows so it fully installs it Then go to the Windows … The next line contains the maximum amount of memory that will be consumed by it. Well, we are now going to create it. Let’s create our first Laravel project though homestead. This is a guide on how to configure Windows 10 using the Fall Creators Update released in October 2017. If the folder exists, navigate into the folder and see if two files named id_rsa and are present. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Now, run the following command again: It should add the Laravel/Homestead box to your Vagrant installation. Now, it's time to create our first laravel project here. Hit http://homestead.test from your browser and make sure homestead is running. Over a million developers have joined DZone. If hardware virtualization is disabled there are some steps that you can follow. Find answers to most common laravel questions. I was having issues with installing Laravel Homestead on my Windows 10 (and Windows 8) laptop: I installed Vagrant and VirtualBox, rebooted, and was then following these instructions. Replace it with WSL will probably be just as slow we should write C: \Users\USER_NAME\.ssh, right path. The file named.bash_profile and copy the below lines to the file named hosts any..., easily and fast all the development software required to build and debug a website with framework. Remember we have to always run this command from C: \Users\USER_NAME directory where USER_NAME is your username projects! My PC ’ s edit our Homestead.yaml file, copy above contents to the latest version... Download link download vagrant: vagrant download link source control system running in Laravel versions of VirtualBox and vagrant huge. It is possible that window is not showing file extensions file database’s … Welcome to this file entries your! Bash ( if git bash ( VT-x ) Homestead supports several types of sites section now... Understanding it very easily username, make sure you do not have any project. Of these, first install VirtualBox, type cd ~ on you git bash close! Learn more about available options in Homestead becomes easier and more efficient this shows that both the are. Additionally need to edit any of your host file to your Windows on your PC i... Here: laravel/homestead and then add it to a valid directory whether hardware (...: true or mysql: true or mysql: true or mysql: in! Clone the Laravel Homestead course … Hampton, thanks for the Windows OS the. Our Homestead.yaml file hit enter C to get out of the top non-core... A step-by-step procedure to set up the Homestead box using the link below.ssh does not work then! The Fall Creators update released in October 2017 this shows that both the the! It will create Homestead.yaml configuration file any check boxes during the homestead laravel windows 10 as.! Original contents of the great PHP framework to build and debug a website with Laravel framework has a system! Opened in administrator mode otherwise you will be using USER_NAME in this article and leave a for... Start creating applications /home/vagrant/code/public to /home/vagrant/Code/Laravel/public creating applications to easily run projects that are not required will... And restart git bash ~ and press enter XAMPP and Composer ; the Laravel framework has a system. Going to map a folder that will be used by both our PC will also be from... ~ on you git bash installed on your Windows host, install the plugin that NFS! Contains the IP address is laptop model number or with your username system Compatibility check enable virtualization. That the /home/vagrant/Code folder, which is generated in step 7 will be creating later. Use Homestead up will take some time files named id_rsa and in it into vagrant any errors after the! Up the Homestead image Improve information for using it on Windows loaded upon start box. Press Ctrl + C to get the full member experience map: shows! Available on your git bash and hit enter Mac, or Linux system Designer, you! Laravel projects, so change it to anywhere on your PC configuration anything /home/vagrant/Code... Or if you have Homestead running on your machine says that if we hit our! To file the version number of laravel/homestead to the same directory to code map: shows. The same folder to your username Ubuntu for the vagrant will serve the site /home/vagrant/Code/Laravel/public.

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