I’ll share a quick video showing exactly how I make my own homemade smudge sticks. Morgan Garza is an author, modern mystic, and marketing magician. We have recently just fallen in love with rose petals, and think that your next project should include them. – To make room for new beginnings. Lavender … Supplies needed Step 1. For me, that’s at the start of each new season, but it could also be on New Year’s Day, before starting a new job, after spring cleaning, or when a roommate moves out. This should leave one side of the string approximately 3 times the length of your bundle. It is fun and exciting to see the different ingredients/supplies people use. I let my smudge stick burn for about 10–15 minutes (while I walk from room to room) before extinguishing it and saving the rest for later. Let the smoke permeate your space for a cleansing, refreshing energy. its gardening season, you can pick up a small plant of your own to grow with intentions! Once you have finished simply run the smoldering smudge stick under the water to put it out and place on a towel to dry for later use. The size of your sage bundle is totally up to you and 100% custom! They come back for a few years if you plant them outside. Energy healer Durek compares burning Palo Santo to “psychic bug spray.”. xo, Haley, Your email address will not be published. , 1 abalone shell smudging dish and our bubbly lavender rose + pink Himalayan Quartz crystal infused bath soak in a reusable jar. Maybe some colourful embroidery cotton to tie them with!! What a terrific find! This process is called smudging, and it’s a beautifully refreshing and cleansing experience that is essentially like taking an energetic shower. There’s a Blue Moon This Halloween: Here’s What That Means and How It Impacts Each Zodiac Sign, An Introduction to Buddhism, The Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold Path, Practice These 8 Yoga Poses to Increase Your Flexibility, 17 Ways to Boost Positive Self-Talk When You Feel Down and Full of Self-Judgment, What Foods Have Gluten? They have also been used for meditation and peace. I’ll have to try this. Bring the scent of spring into your home in 12 different ways using fresh flowers and herbs. The materials are both considered to have cleansing properties but are used slightly differently. I can only seem to find dried sage. Gather your ingredients. I grow mine in my garden. THANK YOU for sharing your method for making smudging sticks. Thank u for taking the time to share this with us….im in the process of making 1 for my pregnant niece whos do any day now….makes me happy shes interested in stuff im into….have a great day. In Spanish, the words palo santo literally mean “holy wood.” Harvested from the fallen branches and twigs of the tree found throughout South America, Palo Santo was used in ceremonies to combat negative energy and cleanse a space. Not true, you are not considering the many cultures that smudge, like in the Carribean. I love everything rosemary! I am sure that the loving intention is at least as important as the various ingredients you incorporate! Fan the smoke into the corners as you move around the space. Aprox 9 inches in length and 1 and 3/4 inch in diameter. Native Americans aren’t a monolith. 10 Beauty Uses for Ice Cubes That Totally Work. The bundle will be fragile and stiff to the touch when it is completely dry. One hour of burning medicinal smoke reduced airborne bacteria by 94%, and the purifying effects lasted for 24 hours in a closed room. Our blend contains Forest picked botanicals according to what available seasonally in the Forest such … These simple DIY projects range from lavender linen spray and handmade sage smudge sticks to delicious-smelling herbal room scents and rose petal drawer sachets. _ord=Math.random()*10000000000000000;_rand=parseInt(Math.random()* (5 - 1) + 1);_ad="